A Good Foundation

Everything that makes life worthwhile starts with a good foundation. Whether it is a friendship, a business, or your dream home this remains true. The same is true for a great recipe, or a beautiful and bountiful garden. A good foundation can lay the groundwork for a successful life.

Having spent the past almost two months away from my formal employment, it can be easy to shake of this time as “vacation” and feel I need to rush back in order to not get behind on bills, in my career, and to not let people down. The truth is that I have come to realize this is just such a wrong way to look at this most precious time. This gift of time allows us as a family to build a foundation that will last us the rest of our lives.

As I begin to prepare my garden again for the next year, I remember that as much as I would like to skip ahead and start planting things and sowing seeds, I must first begin with the foundation. I must get to work pulling out the weeds and the overgrown crab grass, revisit my irrigation system and make sure everything is still functioning and efficiently laid out. Most of all, I must be sure that I am building a healthy soil environment using compost and organic matter. Whatever it is that you decide to plant in your garden, it won’t grow well unless you have healthy soil. This foundation is key for a successful growing season.

In order to prepare your beds for the spring and ensure you are building a strong foundation requires:

  1. Give the soil a boost by amending it with compost and organic matter
  2. Identify and remove any weeds or cutback overgrown and unwanted plants
  3.  Install or double check your irrigation system
  4. Create a master plan laying out the plants you plan to add each season throughout the growing year

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