Ecological Garden Design and Landscape Consultations

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“Nature is an incomparable guide if you know how to follow her.”
– Carl Jung

Specializing in Landscape Design and Garden Coaching, our regenerative design approach is intended to move beyond sustainability by creating multifunctional outdoor spaces that exceed our clients’ imaginations.

Through intentional design, we aim to re-connect our clients intimately with nature and in the process, create resilient spaces that will support not only our clients, but future generations.

Along with ecological principles such as Permaculture, we are guided by generations of teachings from indigenous peoples worldwide who have traditionally and continue to steward so much of the land we have the privilege to work with today. We acknowledge the Tongva people as the traditional caretakers of the land where our office garden is located.

Our mission is to co-create beautifully functional gardens that foster an intimate connection with Nature. Working alongside her, our gardens result in renewed urban habitat, welcoming back important native pollinators (such as lizards, birds, bees and bugs) all while fostering soil health and optimizing water use. 

We believe a reprieve from the bustling city can be, and must be made available to everyone in our communities.

By welcoming nature back into our yards, we can all participate in creating new wildlife corridors throughout our neighborhoods and experience the magic and wisdom Nature provides.

Pachamama – Mother Earth – is the ultimate source of inspiration in all of our firm’s endeavors, informing every outdoor space we co-create. 

It is our greatest hope, that by supporting our clients’ in finding inspiration and fulfillment alongside Nature, we can help shift the trajectory of Climate Change one garden at a time