Present and Planning


Mindfulness practice and meditation is absolutely all the rage right now and thank goodness it is!

Being “mindful” and “present”  is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those we care about. In the age of instant data and distraction – having smart phones at our fingertips even while we sleep – it is more important than ever that we make it a habit to pause and check in with ourselves throughout the day.

When I pay attention, I’m able to connect with myself and my life on a level that I often almost miss out on. Like the times I am nursing my sweet baby, precious moments in both of our lives that are so important for bonding and are also fleeting, yet sometimes I will catch myself reaching for my phone to see whats going on in the ugly world of news and politics. Or, in almost an unconscious daze scan through what my friends are up to on Facebook and Instagram. I am so grateful that my mindfulness practice has helped me notice that I am doing these things and helps me decide when enough is enough. How do I want to experience this moment life has gifted to me?

While being present and living in the moment is a wonderful life tool, this focus on the present moment does not mean that we can’t plan for the future or learn from the past.  I believe that really living in the moment can make it a pleasure to plan for the future and savour wonderful moments in the past or reflect on lessons learned from past experiences.IMG-1722 (1)

Practicing the art of mindfulness and learning the practicality of planning are two great reasons to start gardening and to learn how to cook from your soul. Both activities are healthy for your body and invigorate all of the senses. They connect us on a spiritual level with the great and powerful Mother Nature and with our loved ones and our community.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present, so you can do something about it now.”-Alan Lakein

So, now that we know how to start seeds it seems like a good time to talk about planning out your gardening space. This is the part that I usually skip over (and regret I did so) halfway through spring when I am running out of room for all of the amazing plants I keep finding.

This year, I am resolving to make a plan – a loose plan, but a plan! My next post will cover the basics of planning out your space, however large or small it may be. Until then, get outside and breath in some fresh air!


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