The Toddler’s Garden

It is never too early (or too late!) to start gardening with your baby, toddler or child!

From the very first weeks and months, babies can begin enjoy nature and learning to use their senses in this new environment. I am always astonished with how much my son has appreciated and understood from the very beginning. Just by including him, he has grown so much in every measurable way!

I’m so relieved that he has developed into an adventurous eater and he genuinely appreciates good quality flavorful fruit and vegetables. His first words came pretty early and included lemon and guava. He literally stops to smell the roses everywhere he goes, which reminds me to do the same! Surrounding our home with edible and ornamental plants and growing a special garden has provided so much opportunity for education for my son (and me!)

While the hillside retaining wall planters we normally use to grow food have been too challenging safety wise for our newest gardener in the family. We have focused our food production this year in containers on the patio which is the perfect height and size for my son to really get involved.

Creating a toddler accessible garden has kept my son busy and again, the learning opportunities are endless! He loves watering, adding soil and amendments, cracking egg shells and of course harvesting!
He is learning to wait until the blueberries turn blue …learning being the optimal word here! Waiting is not currently his strength 😔
He has been helping me in the garden from the very beginning and I’m so grateful to see him grow more and more with each experience.
This tiny space has productive lemons, blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, edible flowers, lettuces and herbs so far. And my son eats all of it with joy🌞🍴

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