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Stay Hydrated!

With the onset of some of our first super hot days of the summer, now is the time to recheck your watering systems and schedules to make sure your plants will stay quenched and be happy throughout the day! Here in Coastal San Pedro, California the weather has been all over the place, so watering … Continue reading Stay Hydrated!


THIS YEAR’S THEME IS CLIMATE ACTION! It is hard to believe that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. While Earth Day may be recognized around the globe officially on April 22, our impact on this planet is affected by EVERY action we take every minute of every day. Our choices and our … Continue reading Earth Day EVERY DAY


I just came across this beautiful recipe for Clevland Sage Pesto created by Antonio Sanchez using local, native salvia for an aromatic pesto! I will most certainly be trying this recipe out soon and reporting back! Since Salvia Clevlandii is a beautiful flowering shrub that also attracts pollinators to the garden, I often choose to … Continue reading Recipes

Looking Back – Victory Gardens Its raining here in San Pedro, California, so I’m waiting to plant my new tomato babies until the soil dries up a bit even though I’m so excited to get them into the ground!┬áThese rainy days have me reminiscing about my early gardening days many spring seasons ago when I first started seriously experimenting … Continue reading Looking Back – Victory Gardens


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