It is hard to believe that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

While Earth Day may be recognized around the globe officially on April 22, our impact on this planet is affected by EVERY action we take every minute of every day. Our choices and our actions, big and small, add up to a net positive or negative impact – our carbon footprint – on our Great Mother Earth.

When I named my business Pachamama Inspired, my intention was to HONOR Mother Earth and recognize the gifts and sustenance our Great Mother provides.  While my firm belief is that EARTH DAY IS EVERY DAY, I love that in addition this, we have a whole month specifically devoted to Her, and a global day of action to remind those of us who are not so obsessed with protecting her, that we can make a difference Every. Single. Day.  

I challenge you during this week and month dedicated to our one and only Earth, to look at EACH AND EVERY ACTION you take through the lens of CLIMATE ACTION.

What can you do RIGHT NOW to make an impact – even just a teeny tiny little one in this very moment? LOOK AROUND!!!

There is ALWAYS something…I am looking around my office and notice that I have a lot of chords plugged into the wall connected to electronics that I probably won’t use today, or could easily plug in if I decide I need to. Unplugging them right now, was one tiny step forward in this moment. One small step towards daily reduction in my personal carbon footprint. Throughout the day, I will continue to check in and see where I can improve.

This beautiful planet needs us to change our habits.

On a larger scale, I have been focusing on reducing packaging waste, especially plastic. I purchase items in the largest package and opt for glass or compostable options where available. I avoid individually packaged items and make my own kits using glass Tupperware or up-cycled glass jars. I re-use the plastic containers and bags I do find myself with for garden and art projects, storage of non-edibles, and in other creative ways. I try to purchase used toys for my son, and avoid plastic where possible. I’m also trying to take really good care of his toys so they will be in good shape to donate to the next child when he rapidly grows out of interest for them. We purchase thrift and used clothing for all of our family members where possible – an option that not only lowers our global impact, but also offers the fun of a treasure hunt and rewards of unique finds!

I genuinely try to do as much as I can every day and know you can too! The key is not to get overwhelmed and to celebrate your wins. Odds are you have already come a long way in improving your environmental habits, so way to go!

Now keep pushing forward. Habits are built through consecutive days of action, so choose 3 small steps you can take every day and 3 more large steps you can work towards. If three is too many, its OK to start with two or even just one as long as you commit to making it a habit!

Here are some examples:

Reduce Waste

  1. Today
    • Turn the faucet off while you are washing your hands for 20 seconds (for the gazillionth time) and let the soapy suds do their job (Plus a bonus waste savings for using that time to slip off into a 20 second micro-meditation – Your wellness is a valuable resource also!!)
    • Find a second use for any packaging you find yourself heading to the trash can with. For example, do you have a cardboard box you can fill with some toys for people in need? Can you use a plastic bag from grocery purchases to fill with clothes for donation? These single use plastic bags from the grocery store can also double as waste bags until we are allowed to bring our own bags back.
    • Maybe you or your kids have some great clothes than no longer fit that would make some pretty awesome face masks?!
    • Do you have a tree brimming with fruit that is just going to fall off and rot? Call a local organization such as Food Forward and ask them come and collect your fruit or click the link to guidelines for picking and donating your own for local hunger relief agencies which are in EXTRA high need right now.
  2. Long Term
    • Composting – Reduce food waste and turn food scraps into rich soil and microbes to give back to Pachamama, our Great Mother. Here is a link to another blog post where I go into greater detail on this:
    • Grow some of your own food supply – bagged lettuces for example are one of the biggest culprits in food waste. Back in the day when I worked at TJs, it was astonishing how many bags of lettuce came off the shelves and went for “spoils” before even making it into your refrigerator. I know I personally am also guilty, both by my fault and no fault of my own of letting some of those lettuces pass their prime. This is a super easy and rewarding item to grow inexpensively from seed or starts, and I personally am working on getting better at this one!
    • Invest your hard earned money in funds that protect and/or give back to the environment. There are investment funds and banking organizations that specifically cater to sustainable investment funds. Plus Sustainability is by definition smart financial move as “sustainable” choices can only be considered so if they will satisfy our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations so they have one foot up for success in these challenging times of scarcity and global change.

My goal for sharing this post is to inspire my fellow world citizens to stop feeling overwhelmed and start taking steps, however big or small, to change consumption patterns one habit at a time. We have heard it a million times, but please remember to:

  1. Source locally wherever possible
  2. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary product consumption
  3. Re-use and repurpose
I have this beloved, soft and cozy t-shirt that I made in first grade and still sleep in all the time. It says “earth day everyday 1990” and reminds me of how long in my personal life, this has been my mantra.

It can be discouraging that we have been sounding the alarm for so many years to what can feel like no avail. But we must remain hopeful and do our part. Seeing how quickly things, such as air quality, are changing and making an instant impact, in this time of quarantine, is possibly the greatest lesson the pandemic has brought us.

The world our children are inheriting is already facing so many challenges. Please help me protect their greatest gift of all, the gift of Nature, Pachamama, our Great Mother Earth and all of her majestic beauty. May we protect Her and nurture Her, as she has always done for us.

Our children deserve ACTION

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