My heart skips a beet…

One of the most magical things that happens in an edible garden is when one of the seeds you sowed months back inconspicuosly grows into a giant, jucy, edible feast.

After all of the rains this year, the wildflowers popped up and took over the garden cycling through the season from sprout to beautiful blooms. Eventually it was time to clear them out to make room to plant something new. To my suprise, hidden within these beautiful blooms, one single Bull's Blood Beet had been slowly growing – and GROWING!

When I finally brought myself to harvest this beautiful vegetable, it was intimidatingly enormous. A special harvest like this calls for a special recipe.

The most special recipe I can think of is Grandpa Al's Beet Borsht.

Grandpa Al loved soup – possibly more than I do – and I REALLY love soup. Of all soups out there, Beet Borsht was one of his favorites and he showed me how to make this simple summer delight on several occasions. When the weather is hot, this is a great healthy and simple recipe to cool things down. It is also open to interpretation, so I implore you to get creative and throw in other bountiful ingredients from your garden harvest or farmers market haul.

Love you Grandpa!


Grandpa Al Inspired Beet Borscht

1 Ginormous Beet (in this case)

1 large sweet onion, roughly chopped

3-4 cloves garlic, chopped

1 bunch fresh dill, chopped

Lemon juice – to taste

Sour Cream

Salt and pepper (to taste)

Natural sweetener (to taste) – very much optional and any kind u prefer will do

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