“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”*

*follow this link for more information on the origins of this quote:  http://jhfearless.com/2014/11/they-tried-to-bury-us-they-didnt-know-we-were-seeds/ Seeds are such a wonderful analogy for so many things in life. In these crazy political times, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and like the actions we take every day don't matter. As a new mother, I can't help but … Continue reading “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”*

I’m just mad about saffron…

As promised, here is the update as to what happened to those beautiful pea tendrils I found at the market this past Saturday.   After also finding some nice lamb chops and realizing my grill was out of steam, I decided to pan sear the chops, saute the market veg and serve it all over those … Continue reading I’m just mad about saffron…

Cooking from the Pantry

I love NOT following recipes. My favorite meals almost always come from some ingredient in my garden or pantry that jumps out at me and almost seem to tell me what they want to become. Today I had some beet greens and amazing sausages from the Italian deli down the street, so I picked up … Continue reading Cooking from the Pantry

A Good Foundation

Everything that makes life worthwhile starts with a good foundation. Whether it is a friendship, a business, or your dream home this remains true. The same is true for a great recipe, or a beautiful and bountiful garden. A good foundation can lay the groundwork for a successful life. Having spent the past almost two … Continue reading A Good Foundation

Winter Hibernation

Every year as the weather cools and the seasons transition to winter, I find myself feeling mixed emotions of sadness for the vibrancy of spring and summer combined with relief for shorter days, soups and stews and a reduced list of tasks required to complete in the garden. This year has been extra special one as … Continue reading Winter Hibernation